51 Lathams Rd

Carrum Downs VIC 3201

Gravity, Low Pressure & Sand Aluminium Castings

Casting Range

The following is a list of the types of castings we produce.

  • Clutch housings and gear box extensions (auto industry)
  • Motor vehicle suspension components (auto industry)
  • Brake components (auto industry)
  • Air intakes (manufacturing)
  • Water cooling/water pumping components (building industry)
  • Equipment bases (manufacturing)
  • Truck steps and bull bars (trucking industry)
  • Street, industrial and airport lighting (infrastructure)
  • Bus, train and tram fit out components (mass transport)
  • Radio filters and antennas (telecommunication industry)
  • Fuel tanker components (trucking industry)
  • Adaptors and bell housings (auto industries)
  • Aluminium enclosures (electronics industries)
  • Aluminium heat-sinks (electronics industries)
  • And many more.....