Gravity, Low Pressure & Sand Aluminium Castings

Aluminium Casting Experts in Australia

Melbourne Gravity provides aluminium die and gravity casting throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We supply a wide range of aluminium designed parts to a number of industries.

Our Story

Established more than 62 years ago, Melbourne Gravity is the pioneer in aluminium and gravity die casting in Australia. We have a team of qualified metallurgists with over 25 years of experience in the aluminium die casting industry.

With unmatched expertise in the field, we have excellent knowledge in product design from the conception to the finished product. Furthermore, our team provides technical support and guidance with the laying out of tooling, including gating, locating runners and risers that can, in turn, affect the quality of the castings required for the application.

Aluminium Die Casting Melbourne Australia New Zealand

Producing reliable and quality aluminium casting


Our Services

Embark on a journey with Melbourne Gravity from the beginning to completion for optimum performance. Our engineers and technical staff work in full collaboration with your experts to ensure the finished product reflects the quality and standard you need.

Our extensive range of services include:

  • Casting simulation and component analysis
  • Metallurgical advice on material properties
  • Permanent mould or sand casting
  • Casting machining and polishing
  • Heat treatment of casting to T6
  • Impregnation of casting for pressure tightness
  • Hard anodising to required corrosion resistance or colour
  • Precision CNC machining for tight tolerances
  • Powder coating or wet painting
Gravity Die Casting Melbourne Australia New Zealand

Providing expert product design assistance


Why Choose Us?

  • 100% Australian owned and operated
  • More than 6 decades of experience
  • Quality products and solutions
  • A dynamic and experienced team of metallurgists
  • A wide range of castings
  • Services both Australia and New Zealand

Let the experts handle all of your aluminium casting needs.