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Aluminium Casting Experts in Australia

About Melbourne Gravity

Melbourne Gravity is one of Australia's oldest and most knowledgeable gravity die-casting operations which have reliably delivered high quality permanent mould aluminium castings for over half a century.

Located in Coburg Melbourne, Melbourne Gravity is 100% Australian owned and operated, full service provider with over 50 years experience.

Melbourne Gravity has a highly qualified Metallurgist with over 25 years experience in the Aluminium casting industry as well as ready access to consultants and contact network to provide you with a full service. We can assist in all parts of the process.

Melbourne Gravity is a dynamic and robust company committed to continued growth as a leader in suppling quality products and solutions for the small to medium production of aluminium designed components.


Melbourne Gravity has extensive expertise in aluminium die-casting.  In addition to Melbourne Gravity's sound understanding in producing aluminium castings we have a very good understanding in product design and taking ones concept from the initial  design to a finished product.

Understanding the total requirements for the product throughout all manufacturing processes is critical in manufacturing a good die cast product. Melbourne Gravity can assist with all manufacturing facet to take your design from concept to finish product.

Our die-casting personnel are long term serving employees with many years of experience and an understanding of the requirements of producing a reliable quality casting.

Melbourne Gravity can provide technical support and guidance with designing of tooling, including gating, location of runners and raisers. Which will assist the customer in ensuring that the die works first time, producing the quality castings that are required for the application.

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